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And it is so handy to check HTML-compatibility or to have closed computing environment on you PC no one could easily access. BTW: It is damn cool! Anybody who want's to know what's going on in PearPC development should check the mailing list archive. Many people say this is cloneware it turned out that the preview contained PearPC code. It all started with rumours Wired! What I can tell so far from my tests: it is not really faster than PearPC indeed it is slower - you can read a comparision here. It offers no other features than PearPC, allthough it looks similar to a VMware like environment and seems to provide some filesharing with the host PC.

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First research of other people shows many similarities to PearPC 0. The CherryOS page was updated with release notes stating 3times more performance remember: Prasys latest builds were more than 5times faster than CherryOS 1. Still no drag'n'drop and no sound support. News see below! Microcode has coded an almost perfect Mac-Emulator for Dos former versions were for Amiga only. It supports MacOS up to version 8.

Although they don't work very well - often only when zipdisk was inserted before booting fusion. Support from Microcode is still a bit weak. Here comes the link for downloading Demo Versions: www. If you experience problems while downloading you can try it again from a mirror-site hosted in US. Version 1. For what is bugfixed for instance formatting a disk see the official fusion-pages. How to get a more usable mouse-pointer in fusion?

The trick is connected to mousedriver-settings set highest speed in dos and mouse-settings in fusion set lowest mouse-speed. In the meantime Emulators Inc. FusionPPC on the horizon. Has anybody seen these releases yet?

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Nice price cut on all versions of Mac emulators. Read a review on the actual mac-emulators of choice an decide which one do you need! Some more recent performance benchmarks you can find at EmuUnlimited. It supports some more ROMs and strange screen resolutions as well as strange floppies for Notebook-users. Maybe it sports the slow FPU-emulation too. Must be the PII-internals. I've placed a Speedometer file here in fact there are 2 files - one for SM 4.

Try this! Really cool!

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Replies: 7 Last Post: , AM. Welcome to Mac-Forums! More Less. Note: Vanoppen's icons were themselves inspired by the beautiful Box series by Grayhouse. Redundant Robot also provides a useful tutorial complete with direct links to ROM files so one will not have to extract them manually.

How to improve Fusion's speed? Larger than doesn't seem to make any difference. FAT partitions with smaller than 32k clusters run slower i. Fusion works better on CPU's with lots of Level 1 cache i. Celeron may not be as fast as a PMMx w k cache. Running Fusion with non Universal System files may slow it down so much as to make it unuseable if it'll even boot. Setting disk cache to or Depending on your OS significantly enhances performance.

But remember you must own exact the ROMs physically you use in fusion and you are not allowed to run the mac and the fusion mac emulator at the same time. The scroll-bar-bug is almost fixed in fusion 1. Non-corruption is not guaranteed! If you lost your files on DOS-Harddisks with full version of Fusion you should really try Norton Disc Doctor that repairs them so you can copy files anywhere else windows doesn't allow to access those drives anyway.

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Take care boys! Even Microcode itself seems to know something they have to fix in future releases. Several mails claim the the full version to be much slower than the fusion demo in several ways and some say that they either can have as much RAM as they want sometimes limited to 60MB? Screen refresh rates are 60 Hz at maximum with standard VBE-settings. Please mail if you can get more.

First reported higher refresh rates 85Hz are on a Matrox G with vbetsr and vbesetup. The friendly people at Apple provide us with their old MacOS releases through downloads was System 6. System 7. See also Apple Tech Exchange and Support.

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For what is cool to do with a not-up-to-date Macintosh see Classicmacs. How to use? SEA files You can delete other file extensions. The biggest problem is how to transfer these files from PC to floppy disks. This is a very tedious process but it works.

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Lately I saw an MacDrivearchive on the web. Wasn't quite as cool as the features of HFV-Explorer. A System 7. You may have to use Tools like Mac-ette to format Mac-disks an place the downloaded files on them. Pentium II-support will be limited to a few boards, soundcards and graphics card only.

But patches will follow. No official release date available! There are more details but I promised not to tell about! So don't ask! Up to 4 times faster than before! But currently not as stable as the "classic" version In March a manual for Basilisk II was released. Go for it: www. There is a damn good working port of Basilisk II to Win Updates on regularly basis with some major improvements! So what is Basilisk? Recent ports include a Win32 one. If I am right this piece of software was Shareware before for Amiga.


Speed is really impressive but sometimes it hangs. Hang-ups are due to many different things. There is patched Pseud extension. Booting of MacOS 8. Deselecting FPU emulation gets the scrollbars as they should be. Try it! Better download URL is: www. You want a compatible OfficeSuite? Get WordPerfect Enh. Pack 3. More utilities at: www. More details on BAsilisk Setup here. There are currently two teams working on the project. The kernel team is working on the basic compiling of Darwin on Intel. Die Karten sind in etwa??? Emuliert einen richtigen MAC mit System 6. Viele Mac-Programme laufen, teilweise mit Sound und in oder weniger Farben. Letztere sogar mit ein paar Board-Fotos.

Mit Finder und allem. Aktuell ist Version 0.